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PreEmptive Solutions Magazine launched today on Ulitzer. With more than 3,000 corporate clients, 40,000 registered installations in 100+ countries and inclusion with Microsoft's six million+ Visual Studio seats, PreEmptive Solutions helps organizations protect, analyze, and monetize applications, defend them against tampering and measure the impact of application investments. Ulitzer content is grouped in 25 distinct subjects from "Aerospace and Defense" to "Travel and Hospitality." Each subject group offers an unlimited number of topics, and each topic may contain thousands of peer-reviewed feature stories, bylined articles, blog posts, news, reviews, commentary, and unique editorial content authored by top experts in their fields. Ulitzer is designed to replace Wikipedia with Its three-dimensional live content offerings and dynamic topic structure. "Facebook establ... (more)

Secure Your .NET Code

Are you aware that you might be shipping your source code with your .NET dll or exe? A new tool included in Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET 2003 can help you make sure that does not happen. The .NET platform realizes Microsoft's vision for the next paradigm in Windows computing: multiple programming languages interacting harmoniously, sharing an enriched object-based framework, and executed by a Common Language Runtime (CLR). This architecture provides an unprecedented degree of power and flexibility. Unfortunately, that flexible design inherently produces a problem for those wishing to hide their program's intellectual property. Programs in the .NET Framework are easy to reverse engineer. This is not in any way a fault in the design of .NET; it is simply a reality of modern, intermediate-compiled languages (Java suffers from this problem too). Both Java and .NET us... (more)

DashO-Pro by preEmptive Solutions

I remember how I first got into Java. A friend called my attention to these neat little mini applications that could be easily embedded into HTML files. These applets provided a quick way to jazz up even the most mundane Web pages. She showed me some UseNet groups that contained huge libraries of these applets. I soon learned how to go into their code and change (dare I use the word "hack"?) them to fit my needs. Those applets were nobody's property; they were just there for the taking. Some people would come up with clever ways of making them run more efficiently, and would post their findings for all to use. When working with pubic archives, this is all well and good. The problem is many people learned how to hack Java applications that were not public domain. They would download applications, decompile the source and hack it to look like their own. Today's compl... (more)

Macrovision White Paper Showcases Digital Entertainment Media

Opportunities to leverage entertainment metadata are expanding dramatically and creating differentiators for the companies that deliver consumer experiences. Metadata follows you wherever you go: on your home TV, computers and game consoles; when you watch a movie on the train; when you listen to music in the park; or when you play a CD in your car. These experiences can be enriched by entertainment metadata. This white paper examines how Macrovision delivers visually rich and descriptive entertainment metadata from TV Guide and AMG to drive consumer engagement, purchasing, and satisfaction. In this White Paper you will learn about: Creating unique, visually engaging entertainment experiences Increasing customer engagement and loyalty Enabling breakthrough business opportunities Click here to download now! Cloud Computing Technology Contributors of 2009 10Gen, 3Leaf S... (more)

Lucidator Translates Obfuscated Code in Visual Studio .NET

PreEmptive Solutions, Inc., has released Lucidator. a standalone stack trace and symbol translation tool to debug obfuscated code created with Dotfuscator. Dotfuscator generates a map file that can be used by support personnel running Lucidator to translate the obfuscated stack traces and symbols back to unobfuscated stack traces and symbols. Lucidator is licensed for a group, defined as anyone associated with a particular team or product that has been obfuscated by an identified instance of Dotfuscator Professional. Lucidator is ideal for support teams that need to translate and debug obfuscated code. Unlimited number of users in a group can use Lucidator, and there is no registration process. PreEmptive's Dotfuscator Community Edition will support the forthcoming Microsoft Visual Studio "Whidbey." By integrating its obfuscation tools with Visual Studio "Whidbey", P... (more)

Quickoffice Unveils Editable Office Application for the iPhone

Quickoffice announced the release of MobileFiles Pro, said to be the first application to include editable Office functionality for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The upgrade brings comprehensive editing and saving of Microsoft Office Excel files in the .xls format, Wi-Fi file transfer to and from a desktop (Mac and PC), and the ability to access and synchronize with Apple MobileMe accounts. MobileFiles Pro has .xls editing features including support for over 125 functions, robust format options ranging from font style and cell color choice to inserting and resizing rows and columns. Users can switch between sheets in a workbook, revise inputs and recalculate and undo / redo changes. In addition, MobileFiles Pro features desktop file access and transfer functionality combined with MobileMe iDisk account access to transfer and store files to and from the iPhone. Using the... (more)

FUSE on Demand Webinars

FUSE has on Demand webinars on these popular topics: Transactions and Clustering in ServiceMix - Guillaume Nodet talks about his history in open source, tips on how to get started with ServiceMix, use cases for ServiceMix, and what's new in ServiceMix 4.0. Apache ActiveMQ and Camel - Hiram Chirino shares his thoughts about Apache ActiveMQ and Camel. Interacting With Apache Projects - Daniel Kulp talks about his experiences in open source software development and gives an update on the Apache CXF open source project. Click here to access FUSE's webinars now! Cloud Computing Technology Contributors of 2009 10Gen, 3Leaf Systems, 6fusion International, Absolute Performance, Ajaxo, Alentus, Appirio, Appistry, Aptaria, Arena Maxtronic, Arista Networks, Asankya Networks, BitRock, BlueLock, Boomi ,, Canaan Partners, Casdex, Chris Richardson Consulting, CITTIO, Cloud A... (more)

Everlasting Systems Introduces SGIL Software         Suite for Software Internationaliza

Everlasting Systems Introduces SGIL Software Suite for Software Internationalization (San Francisco, CA) - Everlasting Systems, Limited announced at the 2001 JavaOne Conference the debut of the Software Globalization by Internalization for Localization (SGIL) Software Suite in the North American region. The SGIL Software Suite features a software globalization framework with a set of components, APIs, and utilities that assess the internationalization status of software applications, then enable and optimize software globalization by internationalization for CocoBase Enterprise O/R Optimized for VisualAge for Java (San Francisco, CA) - THOUGHT, Inc.'s CocoBase Enterprise O/R is now optimized for IBM's VisualAge for Java IDE. Customers using CocoBase with VA now have the ability to gain substantial time and labor savings through ... (more)

How to use Open Source SOA Safely in the Enterprise

This paper by FUSE explores productized releases, qualities of service (QoS), licensing of open source technology, enterprise support and professional services and extensibility, and how to get the most out of the cost savings, vendor neutrality and innovation of open source. Click here to download the White Paper by FUSE now. Cloud Computing Technology Contributors of 2009 10Gen, 3Leaf Systems, 6fusion International, Absolute Performance, Ajaxo, Alentus, Appirio, Appistry, Aptaria, Arena Maxtronic, Arista Networks, Asankya Networks, BitRock, BlueLock, Boomi ,, Canaan Partners, Casdex, Chris Richardson Consulting, CITTIO, Cloud Architects, Cloud9 Analytics, CloudRamp, CloudScale Networks,, CloudWorks, CNI Systems, CohesiveFT, CollabNet, Concentric, Cordys, Cronus Partners, CSRware, CuperTek, Cycle Computing, Dataline, Dell, DNAmail, eBay, Elastr... (more)

Obfuscation for .NET Environment and Java Identified as a Cyberthreat Counter Measure

PreEmptive Solutions, suppliers of the leading Enterprise Obfuscation Solution for the Microsoft .NET environment and Java, announced that Gartner Inc. has included obfuscation as part of their recommended strategy to reduce the risk of application vulnerability probing and Intellectual Property (IP) theft. According to Gartner, Inc. "the use of interpreted languages, such as Java and managed .NET code, makes reverse compilation a relatively simple task, providing the hacker the ability to steal intellectual property (IP) or look for security vulnerabilities," in "Hype Cycle for Cyberthreats, 2006", September 2006, Neil MacDonald; Amrit Williams, et al. Gartner recommendations include "If you have IP embedded in your software applications that are distributed externally to your enterprise, use code obfuscation, encryption and randomization products to protect deployed... (more)

SOALogix Included in Magic Quadrant for SOA Composite Application Projects

SOALogix has announced it has been positioned by Gartner in the niche players quadrant in the 'Magic Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for SOA Composite Application Projects'(1) report. "SOALogix is very pleased to be included in Gartner's latest research involving SOA infrastructure for composite application projects," said Rex G. Ahlstrom, President & CEO of SOALogix. "Our primary focus as a company has been delivering technologies that simplify integration. Having built a comprehensive platform, to demonstrate its power we delivered packaged composite applications for integration in asset and project-intensive industries such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Manufacturing. With major Fortune 100 customer successes, we plan on expanding these capabilities through R&D in 2009 and beyond." (1) Gartner "Magic Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for SOA C... (more)